About Us

Welcome to YinGuru Academy

Group of Domain Experts and Members help you to UNLEASH THE POWER OF UNSEEN talents within you. This is beyond education, you will get moral support and life time guidance to level up your Attitude, Skills and Knowledge. We call this as ASK Mastery.

This platform is handled by Team of Dr. Abdul Hakkim A, who is the Founder of Classical Healers Hub and Digital Millionaires Hub. 

He is basically a Mechanical Engineer turned Abundance and Wellness Coach. He also the founder of Beginnertomastery.com and ClassicalHealing.Com.

It’s all started when we realised the Current Education and HealthCare System is Broken and it needs help from Experts, Coaches, Healers and Consultants. 

The registered company is GoGuru International Private Limited

Our Mission is, 

To build the World’s Largest Society of Classical Healers & Digital Millionaires.

Our Vision is,

To Collectively Empower Every Human on Earth to Live a Healthy & Abundant Lifestyle!

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